Rancherr Lechera Ankle Cowhide Boots

Hands down the CUTEST and most COMFY boots! Rancherr boot company is the first to do a crepe sole boot in FULL cowhide! Don’t let this pretty boot fool you...they can go to the barn with you, do chores, and I love riding in mine! Get em dirty and rinse them off! Grab some wool socks and throw them on…they will keep your feet warm this winter! Your pretty boot and work boot had a baby… aka the Lechera!

 Designed by a real cowgirl for all you cowgirls! Hands down my new favorite boot! These sell out FAST!💨 

‼️Sizing: Running TRUE TO SIZE!!

Essentially waterproof, these cowhide boots are naturally water resistant. While excessive moisture isn’t recommended, but these boots can handle quite a bit. They are durable and built to last, dry super fast, and keep your feet warm!

if you’re unsure of your size, measure your foot from the very back of your heel to the very tip of your toe. If you’re in between sizes, I would recommend sizing up.

Keep in mind, your boots will stretch if they are a little snug. Getting them wet and putting them to work is the best way to wear them to your perfect fit!

Hair on cowhide retains the natural hair of a cow. This gives it a distinct, rustic, and textured appearance. The hair, can vary in color, length, and pattern, depending on the cows breeding individual characteristics. Cowhide will naturally shed with consistent contact points.  Points of contact with pants, bending of the boot will likely rub the hair off eventually, this is normal! Each pair is different and how it will wear.

These boots also can be cleaned very easily with hot water and a magic eraser!